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The policy of ENODO UAB (Data Controller) defines the terms and provisions for personal data processing via the website managed by the Data Controller. The terms and provisions of the policy are applied each time you access the content and (or) service provided by our company, irrespective of the device (computer, mobile phone, tablet, TV, etc.) you use.

The cookie policy below describes the type of cookies used on the website of ENODO UAB (hereinafter referred to as the Website), the purpose of their use, as well as the rights of the users willing to change and select the type of cookies matching their needs best of all. The cookies help the Website server to identify you as the user of the website, and subsequently to customize the content to your needs. When you click on an Agree button on the home page of the Website, you give your consent that the cookies would be used in the procedure laid down by the cookie policy.




A cookie is a low-sized file saved onto the browser when you visit a website. A text file contains information to memorize the settings selected by the website user to avoid the repetition when the website is browsed again.




We use several types of the cookies, such as persistent and session ones. Session cookies either expire immediately or within a few seconds of the user leaving the web browser, while persistent cookies stay on your browser until they are deleted or expired. We use cookies for the following purposes: 

• Functional Cookies. We save information about the settings you choose on the website considering your personal interests. These cookies are saved on your device until you delete them. Basis for data management – the consent of the website user.

• Statistical / Analytical Cookies. These cookies collect and cumulate statistical data on the structure of the website, marketing data, information about number of visitors, time spent on the website, user groups and search tools. Information is used for the analytical purposes to find out whether the website users are interested in the functionality of the website and options to improve the functionality and convenience of use. In some cases several analytical cookies used on the website in the procedure defined by ENODO UAB and only for the purposes specified therein are managed by the third parties, e.g., Google Analytics. These cookies are saved for 2-24 months, or in some cases, for as long as you decide to delete them. Basis for data management – the consent of the website user.




The Data Controller means a natural or legal entity, authority institution, agency or any other organization, alone or in cooperation with other entities, defining the purposes and measures of the data processing; where the purposes and means of processing are defined by the European Union or the member state, the Data Controller or specific criteria for their appointment can be determined pursuant to the European Union or member state legislation.

The Data Controller (managing the cookies): ENODO UAB, legal entity code 304939309, registered office in Polocko Str. 17-66, Vilnius, tel.: +370 618 00057, e-mail:




The Data Subject whose data are processed within the Data Controller’s activities shall enjoy the following rights:

  • be aware of (be informed about) their data being processed (the right to know);

  • have access to their data and know how they are processed (the right to full access);

  • request to correct, or considering the purposes of the personal data management, to supplement incomplete personal data (the right to correct);

  • destroy their data or suspend their personal data management (except for the storage) (the right to destroy and the right to be forgotten);

  • request to restrict personal data management from the Data Controller in case any of the legal grounds occur (the right to restrict);

  • the right to data transferring (the right to transfer);

  • the right to refuse the management of their personal data, or the right to recall at any time the management of their personal data for one or several specific purposes without affecting the legitimacy of the data management based on the person’s consent until the consent is recalled. 


The Data Controller may refuse to facilitate the Data Subjects the implementation of the aforementioned rights, especially when in the cases prescribed by the effective legislation, the Data Controller must ensure the prevention, investigation or detection of crime, integrity rulings or professional ethics violations, as well as the protection of the rights and freedoms of the Data Subject or other persons.




The Data Controller’s website or social accounts may contain the third-party ad panels, links to their websites and services, which are beyond the Data Controller’s control. The Data Controller is not liable for the protection and privacy of the information collected by the third parties. You must be very cautious and read the privacy policy applied to the third-party websites and services you use. 




If you do not want the cookies to be used in your devices, you can make some changes in security (privacy) settings of your browser. A more detailed information about the cookies and the ways to delete and manage them is provided on the website or in the help tab of your browser.

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